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The Yankees Just Blew a 4 Run Lead In The 9th To The Marlins As The Final Nail Went Into Their Season's Coffin

Megan Briggs. Getty Images.

Wake up babe, new worst loss of the Yankees season has arrived! 

It's actually impressive how they just lost that game. Four run lead entering the 9th trying to win their first series against a team not named the Royals or A's since June 25th. A very good Clay Holmes in there because he hasn't gotten a lot of work lately and about 10 minutes later the Marlins are dancing. 

Watching this team try to win games makes me wanna kill myself. We can say that again. That felt good. 

If for some reason you didn't think the season was over after losing a series to the White Sox earlier in the week well, I hope you're on board now. First loss of that nature for this team since 2011. Second time this year they blew a 6+ run lead. If you follow the team on a daily basis you know this is just par for the course. They're simply just a bad team. Poorly constructed, poorly coached, poorly executed. 

Gerrit Cole goes out there every day and further cements himself as the AL Cy Young favorite and they just invent a new way to blow it for him. Disgusting. 

The loss is most definitely on Holmes. Yes he's a closer coming into a non-closer situation, but you gotta just get the outs, man. Boone also had no urgency whatsoever with pulling him there. The moment he throws the ball away on that come-backer he's gotta be out of the game. Where is Loaisiga? Instead you let Clay face Arraez and then the game ends. Burger comes up with 2nd and 3rd 1 out and you don't even think about walking him. Good stuff. 

What's even funnier is now they've got the Braves next in Atlanta for three. They very easily could be below .500 before the Red sox series this weekend. Cashman's job completely safe. Boone probably not, but at the end of the day it all starts and begins with Cash. Hal just doesn't care. He questions why we're upset as fans and ignores the results on the field. There's a small part of me that's happy here because it shows how lost the entire organization is. Their arrogance has blown up in their face and they're now a laughing stock. Remember when Cashman didn't sell at the deadline and said they were in it to win it? He looked at this roster and decided they were good enough to go for it and didn't need any help. I detest this franchise..