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Giancarlo Stanton Is The Marlins Leader In Home Runs Since 2017. Keep In Mind, His Last Year In Miami Was 2017

What a mind-blowing statistic. Giancarlo Stanton's 2017 season for the Marlins was a revelation. The guy is sadly a shell of himself at this point, but there was a period where Giancarlo Stanton was the last person any pitcher wanted to face. 2017 was the year in which he reached his full potential, and it's sadly overlooked. His teammate Aaron Judge stole his thunder with his sixty-two home run season in 2022. But before Judge, the last player chasing sixty homers was Giancarlo in 2017. He deserved the MVP that he won. That was ultimately his last year with the Yankees before getting traded. 

It's no secret that the Marlins have had a rough go of things ever since they traded Giancarlo Stanton, Marcell Ozuna, and Christian Yelich. They did make the playoffs and had a nice little run in the Covid year in 2020, but other than that, they have yet to sniff the playoffs in a full campaign since they won it all in 2003. It's been a rough stretch. That said, the fact that they haven't had a single player make it to 60 home runs in the last SIX YEARS is crazy. It shows how weak their offenses have been. But even more so, it also shows how much turnover there's been on the roster. 

The saddest part of this statistic is that it won't change for a while. Brian Anderson and Garrett Cooper don't play for the Marlins anymore. Jesus Aguilar had his last year in Miami in 2022 and was on his last legs before leaving Miami. Jazz Chisholm is next in line to pass Stanton. He won't do it this season. Assuming he stays healthy, he can cross the threshold next year. I like Jazz, but even if he surpasses Stanton's total, it's still a pathetic look for that organization. 

For what it's worth, the Marlins have finally started to climb their way out of this ineptitude. They've been struggling in the second half, but this version of the Marlins is night and day compared to previous Marlins teams. But since Giancarlo left, the power outage in Miami has been severe. They acquired Jorge Soler, who has had a solid year, but he may end up walking in free agency after this season. Luiz Arraez has had a magic year for the Marlins but only has three home runs. You will have some ugly numbers when you have a bad team for a long time. In 2019, the Twins had eight guys with twenty home runs. The Tigers had one guy with fifteen. Those are the kind of ugly numbers that come with a long rebuild. One day, the Marlins will look back and laugh, but for now, that Giancarlo stat is a rough look.