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Poetic Justice: After All The Crying About Felix Bautista Being Named "King Felix", Bautista Dominated Seattle And Picked Up The Win The Same Night Felix Hernandez Was Inducted Into The Mariners Hall Of Fame

Remember about a month ago when that Seattle reporter basically accosted Felix Bautista on Media Day during the All-Star Game and told him to tell the Orioles social media team to "knock that shit off" when they called him "King Felix" in like 2 twitter posts? He didn't like that the Orioles social team was using Felix Hernandez's nickname, a nickname no one in Baltimore calls him. Well all of Baltimore and probably all of Seattle had these dates circled on the calendar so we can see Bautista pitch vs the Mariners. That happened last night and it just so happened to be the night that Felix Hernandez got inducted into the Mariners Hall Of Fame. So we were hoping to see both versions of King Felix last night and boy did we ever. Dave Mahler got his wish baby!

2 innings pitched, 1 hit, 4 Ks and the win as the Orioles won 1-0. All he did was come in during the 9th of a 0-0 game and made the Mariners look like they've never picked up a bat before. This was the 4th time this season that Bautista pitched the 9th and 10th inning, and according to Nathan Ruiz of the Baltimore Sun his numbers in those games are now 8 IP, 0 R, 2 H, 2 BB, 15 Ks. Insane.

 The Seattle crowd booed him for some strange reason and that is probably something they shouldn't have done. Look at those pitches! Arguably the nastiest he's looked all year. Felix had a tough week after blowing a save Tuesday and was playing with fire on Thursday before he got the safe and we even had people saying he couldn't pitch under the bright lights. Seems to me that those people don't know ball and just happened to have access to a microphone and twitter account. It's a joke. He's the best closer in baseball. 

So when you have a reporter basically screaming at him last month, an entire stadium booing him for no reason, you know damn well he's going to absolutely shove. And that is what he did. Come at the king, you best not miss. We found out who the real King Felix is.

PS. They are still crying about it. What a soft franchise. I don't know if they realize that their guy is the one who made a big stink out of all this. No one in Baltimore called him "King Felix" before whats his name had a fit about it, but now it's the only thing I'll call him. Thanks for that.