ASU's Alpha Phi Has Officially Conquered This Year's Sorority Recruitment Season

I've seen all that I need to see this recruitment season. First we had ASU's Delta Zeta, and then I gave a you compilation of what was every school from north to south. But how could I miss ASU's Alpha Phi who have officially won this year's recruitment battle? Star top girl is maybe one of the best dancer these eyes have ever seen and that's saying something. What's that saying that girls use these days? Ate no crumbs? She did that. All these girls already left me on read and I didn't even say anything, but I digress.

I'm the premier journalist here at Barstool Sports, so it would be rude of me to not do my journalistic duty and find out who she is. After all, we should recognize greatness as much as possible. Some of us acknowledge LeBron James, and others acknowledge Claire the Alpha Phi undergrad from Calabasas who went to ASU because it just "feels like home". Pick your GOAT. I'll take both. Turns out her name is Quinn:

My research also shows she's a dancer at Arizona State which is sorta a cheat code, but anything goes in sorority wars:


If I know anything about the Internet, it's that Quinn here will likely have 500,000 followers and make infinity more money than a Barstool Sports blogger within the year now that this is going viral. And to that I say well deserved, and I officially bow out of sorority recruitment season with the crown given to these ladies over in Tempe. Forks up.