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Small Problems Become Big Problems: This Dwarf Playing Hoops At LA Fitness Needs An NBA Contract Immediately

I can't get enough of this clip. He has me questioning everything I've ever known about basketball. Great things come in small packages indeed. What do we even call this sky hook? The mini from the ground hook? Hook shot three is maybe the best play I've ever seen in basketball and I have no idea why this guy isn't signed to a 10 day yet. And you think you're blocking that shot? No chance.

This is a massive win for short kings. And the song choice? Monumental. Hand down man down. Guy in the white shirt drove home with the radio off after being cooked at the gym by this dude. He's never lacing them up again. Just look at the look of pure pain:

If the Internet works, we'll have a full ID on this guy and get his story by the end of the week. They found the "that motherfucker back there is not real" plane woman. Let's change this guys life. Shooters shoot.