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Meek Milk Is Having A Moment

Meek Phill is a Yak cult favorite. He's also a favorite of most people in the office for his unfiltered, online troll behavior that is both honest and funny. A few weeks ago on a stream for the Mets podcast We Gotta Believe, he was brought around six cups of water. He wasn't drinking them, but then somebody brought a cup of milk to him which he downed. 

On The Yak on Shohei Ohtani Day, that got some momentum with his milk and sake mixture.

His comment after picked up a lot of steam on social as well.

Obviously Phill is a fan of milk. Well on Friday pretty early in The Yak, he got served a giant pitcher of milk. Never one to turn down a challenge, Phill rose to the occasion. 

What a legend! This clip at the end will be forever repurposed too.