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A Fan Tried To Bet Phil Mickelson $1000 That He'd Birdie The 9th Hole At LIV Bedminister And Phil Told Him He's Not A Gambling Man

Obviously one of the bigger stories in sports yesterday was the Billy Walters allegations in his new book that Phil bet a BILLION dollars in handle over the last 30 years. Some would argue there's literally no bigger gambling man than him. A week before that, he was discussing his action with Bryson on the course:

So how can you not love this response from Phil here when a fan tried to bet him $1,000 at this weekend's LIV tournament in Bedminster? Rory would have had the fan removed for harassment. Gotta love how he's just leaning into it at this point. Let the man cook. I wouldn't put it past him to have circled back once that journo was gone. $1,000 you said? Let's make it 10. Big gamblers make big bets, that's just what they do.

Lefty's the best man.