Kevin Brown Has Issued A Statement Ahead Of His Return To The Orioles Booth Tonight

Well there you have it, Kevin Brown took to Twitter and has officially spoken for the first time since his "suspension" went public. I don't know if these words were directly from Kevin, his agent, the Orioles PR, or from John Angelos, but this is a step in the right direction. Of course Brown was going to say he wants to be here for the long run and no where else he'd rather be, but again, a step in the right direction. 

There still has been no public acknowledgment of the incident from the ball club or Angelos himself and I don't know if there will be. But when I saw this statement come out, I hoped that this is the final nail in the coffin to this insane week in Birdland. Like Kevin said, he has a wonderful relationship with ownership, front office, pretty much everyone in the warehouse. 

Now I've never met Kevin, we've messed around on Twitter before but that is about it, I don't know him personally. But he doesn't seem like someone who holds a grudge. I'm hoping these words came from him and are true. That he's ready to put this ridiculous incident behind him, even though there is a 0.0% chance that he should have been punished/suspended or whatever you want to call it. He makes sure to point out that he has a "wonderful relationship" with the Orioles and has "solid dialogue" with John Angelos, those were two points he went out of his way to make. 

And maybe Angelos did ask him to put out a statement, even if that is the case, at least one was put out. Kevin always has seemed like the bigger man in this situation and the statement backs that up. He easily could have told the ball club to kick rocks if he really wanted, he could have said he was done and focused on college football until his contract was up, supposedly after this year. But he said he wants to be here and if he's done with it then so am I. 

Hopefully this can all be put behind us and we can watch the 71 win Orioles make a deep run into October and then we see where we go from there. If KB says he wants to be here for the long term, I believe him. "We are all good here!" you heard the man, now let's win some games in Seattle and keep this train going. We ride with KB, welcome back to the booth!