I Just Discovered A Dude Who Might Be The Greatest Guitarist On The Planet

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Yesterday I got my ears lowered. My barber does a great job - or as good a job as a man can do on my pathetic head of hair - and I enjoy his convo. Yesterday he told me to check out this guitarist he claimed was the absolute best guitarist on earth.  I trust this dude's music opinion, as we share similar tastes, so I decided to bookmark the recommendation.

One of my favorite things to do is get blasted on 3chi and watch people destroy a guitar. It's a great way to pass 3 hours in what feels like 5 mins. 

I enjoy it, at least. To each their own. 

Anyways, last night I decided to heed his advice, so I popped a fuck ton of gummies and fired up YouTube. 

May I introduce to you this dude who may very well be the best guitarist on the planet, Tim Henson of the band Polyphia: 

Yeah. That melted my absolute fucking face off. Dustin the Barber really might be on to something here. This dude might be the best guitarist on earth.

He might not be, but I'm confident that you could show this video to anyone from John Mayer to John Lennon to the ghost of Stevie Ray Vaughan and they'd agree that the dude manipulating the instrument in the video above is not from this planet. 

Or maybe they wouldn't, because I don't know wtf I'm talking about. Gun to head though? They would. Point to me. 

This YouTube comment really sticks out to me: 

How do you even practice the shit he did in that video, let alone master it? It doesn't make sense to me. 

Full disclosure: I've never heard of Tim Henson or his band Polyphia. Neither has my Awolnation co-host Kenny Carkeet and he's heard of just about every band/artist/act ever, though and that makes me feel comfortable enough to admit my ignorance. Nevertheless, it only two seconds of listening to their music and digging into their history to learn that they are freaky good. 

It's electronic-rock and I think it's fucking awesome. Fire them up below and try not to run through a brick wall, I dare you:


It only takes a glance at their plays on Spotify to see that they're not some no name band, but they're also niche-genre musicians so I am guessing that's how I've missed them. They're just not the typical music I gravitate towards, but it's better late than never I suppose. 

Now excuse me while I spend the rest of my Friday afternoon getting blasted while watching this guy tear apart the guitar: 

And here he is with another legend, Cory Wong

Enjoy! Or don't, idgaf. Just toss us a sub on Barstool Backstage: