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Hank The Tank Is Actually Female And Had Her Cubs Taken Away

Brittany Crossman. Getty Images.

A burglarious black bear in California responsible for at least 21 home break-ins in South Lake Tahoe since last year is headed to a wildlife sanctuary in Colorado.

The female black bear, known as 64F and nicknamed “Hank the Tank,” has a rap sheet that includes “at least 21 DNA-confirmed home break-ins and extensive property damage,” according to the California Fish and Wildlife Department.

The bear, pending a successful veterinary check, will be relocated to the Wild Animal Sanctuary, near Springfield, Colorado, officials said.

“Relocation is not typically an option for conflict animals over concern that relocating an animal will relocate the conflict behavior to a different community,” according to the California wildlife agency. It said relocating the bear was an alternative that protects the bear, residents and visitors in South Lake Tahoe.

The bear’s three cubs, which were with her during recent break-ins, officials said, were moved to Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue in Petaluma, California, officials said.

The cubs were relocated to “discontinue the negative behaviors they learned" so they can be returned to the wild, officials said.

They took Hank The Tanks Cubs because they didn't think she was a good mother?! That bear did so many home invasions to provide for those cubs! That bear that we didn't know was actually a female until now. I get that we don’t want the cubs to grow up thinking every home that humans live in is a free lunch, but just put the cubs with her in the Colorado sanctuary. Its not like they are going to do other worse crimes than just break into homes. What if one of the cubs starts car jacking, one starts doing credit card fraud, and another jack copper off construction sites? I know most criminals grow up in criminal households but separating a 500lb black bear from her cubs for the crime of drinking all the wine in some rich Sonoma valley resident's wine cellar seems to be a little overkill to me.