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Skell Of The Week: Low Level Blogger Takes Vacation During Biggest Week In Company History

“What an idiot … what a fucking idiot.” 

I hate to do this as this this story doesn’t have all the details yet but as it’s unfolding I feel confident enough that our editors will trust the data unfolding that it can go to print. 

This story comes out of New York, NY and involves on of the best stories of an up and coming company hitting the big time. An entrepreneur started a newspaper company 20 years ago literally working night and day round the clock 24/7 365 in an Astrovan battling ticket scalpers and other news paper companies handing out his publication to people on their commute to and from work. He did this all by himself for years. At one point he inherited one employee who was supposed to make Sales (he never made sales), but because of his loyalty would later turn himself into a millionaire without would take a liking to bottle service, standing on tables and taking vacations. 

No one has an exact photo of this person but some people in my sketch department worked out  a rough draft. 

Anyway… back to this entrepreneur. Pretty soon his little newspaper is the talk of the town, next thing you know he’s on a website were he again takes the world by storm. Pro athletes, celebs , models, everyone is mentioning this certain website . I never got the full chant but via an email via  source (named Nick Fasoli) I was able to learn this chant was “VIVA.” 

The website branches off into video, content , runs a concert tour, has live events etc. Pretty soon they have grown to become literally massive. A media company buys them and announces a move to NYC. Again they take off and literally outgrow their office in like 6 months. A few years later a gambling company buys them and starts a branded sportsbook. The payout for the website is around $550 million. A true American feel good story . That entrepreneur is now no longer owner but an employee. 

Fast forward 3 years, and it’s announced this week that the entrepreneur has acquired back his company and is now back in charge. It is believed this is video of the announcement . 

So you would think that with all the history … all the groundwork of a guy who built a company literally out of his kitchen with no help in the beginning aside from an incompetent (bald) sales person, his employees which are now near 300-400 would be there for the announcement and not take a vacation literally the week of the announcement. Well you thought wrong. 

Again it’s not confirmed who exactly this person was, but rumors are he is a low level employee with at least 1 failed college basketball podcast under his belt and a few transgressions in his day. The rumors involve throwing a can and some heinous actions of harassing employees . This guy has to be a DOPE to go on a vacation with two strikes on the count. Absolute moron. I have no other choice but to give this guy skell of the week. Again, I have not been able to discover his name but if you see him feel free to shame him… after all he’s a skell who deserves it.