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Ken Rosenthal Says Philly Fans Are Getting Soft, But This Fella Would Beg To Differ

Icon Sportswire. Getty Images.

Much has been made about Phillies fans giving a standing ovation to Trea Turner to help him grind through his struggles last week. Both in the local and national media, you had people claiming that this isn't the Philly they know. You have local media members who are absolutely miserable and hate anybody having any semblance of fun when it comes to sports in this city to appreciate the moment. And then you had national media members who are obsessed with bringing up "snow balls at Santa Claus" that they can't even fathom a world where Philly fans aren't the most deplorable humans in existence. 

Now I think Ken Rosenthal was actually trying to be complimentary in his piece about Philly fans yesterday, but he had a funny way of getting to his point. Almost like when you preface something you say with "no offense" but then proceed to follow that up with the most offensive shit you could ever spew out. 

The Athletic -- This Philly? The one that gave the Phillies’ struggling $300 million man, Trea Turner, standing ovations Friday night as a show of support? The one that Michael Lorenzen saluted Wednesday night after pitching a no-hitter in his first home start, saying he has never been part of an organization where the fans are part of the team?

This Philly is softer than a soft Philly pretzel. This Philly might as well be Kansas City, the way it’s practicing Midwest Nice. And you know what? This Philly, the kinder, gentler version, is getting results.

What the fuck was that all about? Softer than a soft pretzel? Calling us Kansas City? That's some big talk coming from a guy who got his shit shoved in by the Phanatic on live TV and didn't do anything about it. 

And sure, maybe fans in Philly are a little more patient and supportive than we've been in the past when it comes to our own teams. At least with this Phillies team and the Eagles because they've given us some great runs recently. You scratch our backs, we'll scratch yours. But holy shit, man, it's like we can never win with these idiots. If Phillies fans would have been chanting "Lehigh Valley" every time Trea Turner got up to bat, national media would have all been doing the Leonardo DiCaprio pointing at the TV meme saying "See! I told you they're the worst fucking scumbags on the planet!". But then when we support the guy and have his back, the story is we're too soft? Pick a lane, dick bags. 

Luckily we don't have to wait for the idiots in the national media to pick the lane, though. Fellas like this will go ahead and choose one for them. 


Is this what you want from us, Ken? Does this make you happy? You want to get nuts? Let's get nuts. If we can get 40,000 to give Trea Turner a standing ovation, then we can get 40,000 to fire off some double bird salutes to the opposing team. I don't care if you're 9-years-old or 90, let's finally set that world record for the most amount of simultaneous double birds that Eli was talking about.

Personally I think this new brand of Philly fan is as elite as you could possibly ask for. A hybrid fan. Sweet and supportive to our own guys, and completely maniacal raging psychopaths towards the opponents. That's the way it always should have been. Much appreciation for the motivation, Ken.