Would You Rather Be The First Overall Pick In The Draft Or Date Livvy Dunne? Looks Like Pirates Flamethrower Paul Skenes Has Accomplished Both

(I do realize this is the second Livvy Dunne blog of the day. You're welcome and happy Friday)

Life after college is normally terrifying. The fake world you just drowned yourself in for years is over and it's time to begin the end of your time on Earth. For me that meant barely graduating with an acceptable GPA and taking a cold calling job in NYC as I commuted in from Jersey. Timed in the bathroom, constant berating, bathroom unavailability in the beginning and end of days, impossible goals. Just pure sadness. I went from a great time at Syracuse to legitimately the seventh circle of hell in a matter of one month. And I'm not alone in this immediate overwhelming wave of despondency, it comes for most of us, just not Paul Skenes though. 

For the un-educated, Paul Skenes was recently made the number one overall pick in the MLB Draft. He just capped off a championship season at LSU where he did nothing but dominate. It was basically like watching Strasburg in college except it was in the SEC as he competed for a natty with the Tigers. He was appointment television whenever he stepped on a mound as he blew away hitter after hitter with his flamethrower fastball. 

The Pirates refused to let him slip out of their grasp, even with Dylan Crews sitting there. Skenes signed a record $9.2M deal with Pittsburgh and reported down to Bradenton, Florida where he joined their rookie ball squad. 

Who followed him down there? Oh just Livvy Dunne. 

Zoom in on that table and what do we have here? 


Are we supposed to believe that Livvy Dunne is just a huge Pirates fan out of nowhere? Listen I wouldn't shame anyone who had Bucco fever these days. That being said, where there's smoke there's fire, right? 

Fresh off this new found confidence Skenes made his minor league debut last night. These were his recorded velos in his one inning of dominance: 99, 100, 100, 100, 89, 101, 101, 101, 99, 101, 99.

For the record, to answer the original question…the answer is easily be the number one overall pick. The blog was more to shine light that he's doing both. 

Life is fun for a lot of pro athletes obviously, but this early removed from school I think he could be doing a hell of a lot worse.