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The Week Of John Angelos Roars On - Reports Say That The Orioles Camden Yards Lease Is Being Held Up Because Angelos Wants An Additional $300 Million And Parking Lots From The Ravens To Develop

What a week for John Angelos. Been in every news story for the last 5 days and still keeps finding ways to one up himself. 

A new report from The Baltimore Banner says that the Camden Yards lease agreement with the Orioles is at a stalemate because he is asking for an additional $300 Million from the state, on top of the $600 Million the state is granting the Orioles ONCE they sign the lease. Imagine someone offering you $600 million and your first move is to ask for another $300 million? What in the world? 

Angelos is also seeking developmental rights to public land in-between Camden Yards and M&T Bank Stadium where the Ravens play. He wants to use those parking lots to build bars and restaurants with apartment buildings near them for entertainment around the ballpark similar to how Atlanta and Philadelphia do theirs. One issue is he hasn't asked the Ravens at all and there is no chance they will agree to that because the NFL was guaranteed those parking spaces in the lease the Ravens signed with their stadium. Incredible move by JA. 

So there is the reason why the Orioles aren't locked into a long term deal with the best ballpark in the world. He's going to ask for the moon knowing he won't get it and say "well I tried!". This truly is a masterpiece. Next level thinking. 

There was also a report that one day before he decided to decline a five-year option with Camden Yards from the Maryland Stadium Authority, Angelos told his friend and new Governor Wes Moore that he was pausing the talks until Moore was in office and had also expressed interest in a short-term lease. Waiting for your buddy to get into office is a classic move but good god man, figure it out! 

The state is begging him to take $600 Million, like they are beggggggging to give it away. The Ravens got their $600 Mill, but Johnny boy wants more. He always wants more. It's probably well past the point where you have to wonder what MLB is thinking and when they will step in. Rob Manfred has said baseball will not leave Baltimore. I believe him but a lot of fans don't. They may not remember the Colts leaving but they know about it. A lot of these older fans saw it happen. MLB and Robbie Manfred have said they won't let it happen. I don't think they would let them get the votes required to move but there are a lot of people who still think it can happen. 

He may not be able to move the Birds, but it sure seems like he's trying. It's just another few days where the media should be talking about a 71 win team and not their owner shooting himself in the foot. Put a stop to this nonsense and get your ass back in bed with the best ballpark in the world.