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Millionaire Media Mogul Dave Portnoy And 38-Year-Old Blockhead Smitty Are Going At It On Twitter Over...Fortnite?!?!?!?

[Editor’s Note: This is solely a Clickbate Smits production. All about the content, pageviews, and jokes!]

Ohhhh boy!!!! Barstool is BACK baby! Where else can you see a zillionaire media mogul and a Blockhead who is pushing 40 argue over a Fortnite game from, checks notes...4 FUCKING YEARS AGO!??!!?!? Pirate Ship, baby! VIVA! VIVA VIVA!

Pres started with a ceremonial jab yesterday on Barstool Radio sewering Smitty for being lazy after a 12-hour all-night Fortnite stream in the office where Smitty DEFINTIELY fell asleep and didn't give a hoot! Smitty answered back today on Barstool Radio saying that wasn't true blah blah blah. Don't worry, our hero Lord Portnoy answered back tonight with a LEFT HOOK: 

WOW! What a shot! And of course Blockfuck came back with the literal stream and eyewitness accounts of what actually happened because he is a LOSER. 

Fighting like he's throwing pillows in a dream. If anyone cares to fact check and be objectively righteous like me, that stream was in August and in the office! But our King comes firing back with a devastating right…THERE'S AUDIO OF SMITTY ADMITTING HE LOGGED OFF AND WAS LAZY AFTER AN ALL-NIGHT 12+ HOUR STREAM 4+ YEARS AGO. 

OHHHH DOCTOR!!! Wait a second…Big Cat asked if it was in the office or the house and Smitty said house…

SEPARATE STREAMS AND ALL NIGHTERS??!?!?!? You dumb dumb, Smitty! So dumb I'm sure you didn't get your memory correct! Eagles/Giants game? Sure thing pal! 


Wait…the stream Dave shits on Smitty for in the office was from August and then this one was from Oct?!?!?!? Whatever! I don't let facts get in a way of the correct time! Here's the rest of the WAR so far: 

Who's to say whose right? Exactly. ALL HAIL LORD PORTNOY!!! Shut up, Blockhead! It doesn't matter what the facts and/or reality dictates! Lord Portnoy is ALWAYS right…YOU SAID IT YOURSELF!!!