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Ex-Raiders CB Damon Arnette is in Trouble Again, This Time Accused by Adult Film Actress Danii Banks of Robbing Her and Others in Her Profession

Steve Marcus. Getty Images.

As a kid, I despised the great Raiders teams of my youth. As an adult, I've grown to respect them, retroactively. They were every bit molded in the image of their creator, Al Davis. And there's a lot to admire about the rebellious, iconoclastic style Davis and his team embodied. Disrespecting authority. Flouting convention. Flying in the face of the careful, conformist, bland image that the rest of the NFL was heading toward. Not so much conquering their inner demons as embracing them. From dirty play on the field to the wall of Ken Stabler's seedy hotel room with all the panties thumbtacked to it, the Raiders let their freakish pirate flag fly high and free at all times. 

But there's the good sort of Raiders badassery, and there's the bad kind. In more recent years, cornerback Damon Arnette put on a masterclass of the bad kind:

… before eventually getting released. Because even Mark Davis, the lesser son of a great sire, can't abide that sort of behavior. 

Only now, we find out Arnette's deviance goes beyond waving around the sort of gun you'd expect to see a Nazi demon carry in Spear of Destiny and threatening to kill someone. He's being accused of stealing from some of America's most admired and respected professionals. Our porn actresses:

Source - Former Las Vegas Raiders player Damon Arnette isn't having the best of times right now. After he was arrested back in January for carrying a concealed weapon without a permit, assault with a deadly weapon along with two drug charges, he's now been accused of stealing. 

Model Danii Banks has gone viral as she alleges that Arnette stole from her and that she reportedly has it all on camera to back up her claim. …

In an interview for a show called Pillow Talk with Ryan Pownall, Banks goes into detail about what Arnette allegedly stole from her. …

"Damon Arnette, a little football player that played for the Raiders, that got kicked off trying to shoot someone or something. Well, I went to the bathroom, stole my fuing Cartier watch, took my other phone, and Zelle'D all my money out of my account. I have it all on camera, him and his friends leaving my house. Come to find out he does that to bi*ches and then he fuing did it to me."

Please. Is it too much to ask that we have a little bit of respect for the property rights of others? Particularly our adult film actresses, influencers and OnlyFans stars? A Danii Banks has worked hard for her money. Spent some of it on possessions to reward herself for all that dedication and work ethic. And deserves to have her things left alone. That goes double for a guy like Damon Arnette, who I assume was in her place because she let him handle some of her even more valuable things. That's an honor and a privilege few men get to enjoy. And he allegedly took advantage of her goodwill. Not just hers, but apparently some of her colleagues in the erotica community. 

Have you no sense of decency, Arnette? At long last, have you no sense of decency? 

So on behalf of all of Arnette's potential future (alleged) victims, I'd like to thank her for coming forward and - if you'll pardon the expression - fingering the perp that did this to her. Anyone deserves better. But especially someone who shares her gifts with the rest of us in this sad, sinful world.