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SILO Is The Best New Show Of The Year

Author's Note: I know I'm probably a BIT late to the punch on this blog (as SILO was a weekly series that wrapped up in June) but I'm also guessing plenty of you have probably never even heard of SILO, so I'm gonna try to spread the word a bit here....

I just finished the first season of 'SILO' on AppleTV+, a show I honestly didn't expect too much out of going in, and I gotta be honest - it might've been my favorite new show I watched all year! AppleTV+ strikes again!

If you're unfamiliar, SILO is a sci-fi/mystery series (based on a book series) that takes place in a dystopian future where everybody lives in - you guessed it - a silo! 

It's not just any old silo, though - it's this massive, 144-level structure that holds thousands of people living in a fully functioning societyNobody knows why they're in the silo, or who built the silo, but it appears the world outside the silo is not habitable. Every time someone requests to leave the silo and go outside, their request is granted, but those people only seem to last about 30-40 seconds before collapsing and dying out there, and everybody else could see this on a big screen in the cafeteria.

SILO kicks off as some of the citizens start poking around and asking some questions they probably shouldn't be asking - and the mystery unravels from there. It's kinda like 'Snowpiercer' meets '10 Cloverfield Lane' with hints of the 'Hunger Games' and 'Star Wars' universes mixed in, and despite it being a television show and not a movie, it never really feels corny/low budget. The acting is great - aside from Common, who's a bit meh - the mystery we dig into is fascinating, the show isn't afraid to kill off seemingly major players, and they actually deliver on some payoffs! They don't just string ya along LOST-style - at least not yet!

I can't say much more about the show without spoiling it, so I'll just say check out SILO if you're into sci-fi/dystopian shit/mysteries at all, and let me know what you think!

P.S. AppleTV+ has some seriously awesome shows at this point; they're making that $5/month worthwhile. 'Severence' and 'Shrinking' are both really worth your time. Plus, we'll always have that first season of 'Ted Lasso'.