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Bad Golfers Unite … This Shot Debated On Fore Play Absolutely Should Count As A Hole In One

I love golf. I can’t play it worth a lick. If I break 100, and shit the way things are going if I break 110 it’s a good day. Doesn’t change the fact it’s essentially the only game guys my age can still play competitively (kind of). I loved having hoops leagues in my twenties , eventually guys aged out. Same with softball. Also you run the risk of getting hurt. Golf is safe. It also has ways to include those that suck like me. Like scrambles etc. 

Lastly, some of the best ways to see your friends at an older age is on the golf course. Five uninterrupted hours together laughing drinking , smoking cigars  , cracking jokes and rooting for each other… paradise. Just because I suck doesn’t mean I don’t love the game. 

Anyway, I saw this video and have to stand up for shit golfers like me. Let’s first talk about Frankie and Lurch’s point. Is there an asterisk in the sense that you want the scorecard framed or that you had previous knowledge of the hole? Maybe … but you know what definitely doesn’t have an asterisk? The fact that this guy with a 25-30 handicap (just like everyone of us assholes with that handicap) has a 1 in a million shot at a hole in one and just because today was his day to collect doesn’t mean people should start poking holes in a great moment. The guy sucks but he without a doubt hit a hole in one. 

Now when he tells the story he better start with “you know it’s funny I actually played the front twice.” If he does that he’s all good in my book. Shame on Frankie and Lurch trying to ruin the moment and good for Trent for having some fun. 

Celebrate the hole in one dude. You deserve it. 

Also my guy D-Rap … come on bro, just because you break bar like I loose balls doesn’t mean you should be the fun police.