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The World's Strongest Dwarf Who Can Squat 745 lb Returns TONIGHT At Rough N' Rowdy

This main event can't come soon enough. It's not just the 5 round fights we're excited to see but also the return of 1 of our greatest champions ever. And arguably, 1 of the most impressive athletes performing in his field today…

Simply put, Jeremy "DYNAMITE" Smith is a force to be reckoned with, in the ring AND in the weight room. He can bench press 320 lb and squat 745 lb, winning multiple lifting events along with the title of "World's Strongest Dwarf." (our guy SMIDGE THE DOORMAN came in 2nd place in that same competition.) 

But in our Rough N' Rowdy world he's known as the BMFD champ… BADDEST MOTHER FUCKIN' DWARF. And the tape backs up the lofty title in spades…

Not too much is known about his opponent RAFEZY, other than he's from the Bronx and travels around as a pro wrestler. He is one of the few challengers we've found that can equal the weight and beat the height, along with showing no fear about getting trapped in the corner. How much of a reach advantage does 2 inches get you in a 4'6'' vs 4'8'' fight? WE'RE GONNA FIND OUT TONIGHT.

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