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Poor Joey Bosa Says Eating Isn't Enjoyable Anymore Because He Has To Consume 4000-5000 Calories A Day

This is where NFL players need to realize what they are saying sounds so stupid, which is the same reason why people make fun of us for not getting into the office before 10 AM even with a new/old boss takes over. Nobody is going to feel bad for someone that has to eat more food. Especially when that someone is a professional football player that makes millions of dollars. Everyone dreams of being able to eat like they have four assholes. I am sure Joey can get a nice chef to whip him up some really hefty meals and rack up the calories. 

This is the problem with the Chargers. They can never get out of their own. Joey Bosa needs some Common Sense Department people around him because he already had that video go viral last year of a Philly fan getting all in his head without any good comebacks.

For a professional athlete, sometimes it is really easy to be likable. Especially if you are super talented. All you have to do it is be humble, go to a couple of local events and chug a beer. Look at Aaron Rodgers. He went to a bunch of Knicks and Rangers games when he got to New York and the fans loved it. Don't complain about eating because I can bet people will get upset.