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Catch Weights, Not Feelings: Derek Carr Is Winning The Breakup, Gets Completely Jacked

We've all been there before. 

You get your heart ripped out of your chest, thrown to the curb and stomped all over. You're down bad, but you don't want to let everybody know that. You're an emotional wreck inside, but you want to project to everyone else that you've never been better. What's the best way to make that happen?

Go to your local GMC, load up on as many supplements as you can handle, and basically lock yourself in the gym for the next few weeks. Go off the grid for a little while and then come back completely shredded. Fire off some flicks for Instagram with a few passive aggressive captions, and just wait for all the DMs to start pouring in. That's how you win a breakup, and Derek Carr is out here putting in that work. 

I mean look at those arms. Dude is looking like a Greek god. Obviously the Raiders aren't doing too bad themselves getting to post photos with Jimmy G. But Derek Carr is proving the best way to deal with your feelings being down is to get your gains up. Until the Saints go 1-4 to start the season and he starts drunk calling the Raiders in the middle of the night talking about "remember back when...". But until then, credit to jacked Derek Carr on taking the lead in the breakup.