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Oliver Anthony Is An Appalachian Country Artist In The Same Vein As Tyler Childers and Zach Bryan

I've said a hundred times that Tyler Childers, Colter Wall, and Strugil are the best that country have to offer. The best part about those fellas is that they are inspiring and influencing a new twang that makes country music country music again. That shit isnt supposed to be about brand new trucks and whatever else Florida Georgia Line sings about. It's about this shit. Real grit. Real pain. Real life. I simply cannot get enough. 

Oliver here has the unrefined sound I like. He's got a distinct voice and some good puppies that just hang out while their dad is singing his soul out. If that aint back roads blues, I simply do not know what it is. 


That's all I'm putting in this blog because if that doesnt hook ya, I'm not sure what will, my good bitches.