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FIXED: Trea Turner Is On A Six-Game Hitting Streak Since Receiving His Standing Ovation

How It Started: 

How It's Going: 


See, this is how it's done. If you're down, struggling, and/or out in the great City Of Brotherly Love, the good people will still praise you. The overwhelming support may not always work for some around these parts (i.e. Ben Simmons), but Trea had a slightly different response. He appreciated the support and 

Trea is now on a 6 game hitting streak with 6 RBI's and, wait for it…0 ERRORS!!! This dude couldn't field his own balls at SS up until last week and now it looks like we're back. Actually…it doesn't look like it. That smooth as butter slide is back, hence we're all back. 

3.5 games up in the Wildcard. Ring The Damn Bell. Then buy a damn shirt.