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A Dumbass Detroit Lions Fan Has Gotten The First 2024 Super Bowl Champion Tattoo

Listen I know that everyone and their sister is on television right now predicting that the Lions are going to win the NFC North, but this is egregious. And to be honest, I'm kinda over people sucking off the Lions. Yes, everyone loves Dan Campbell. Yes, they won 5 of their last 6 last year, including beating Aaron Rodgers at Lambeau to keep them out of the playoffs. Yes, they have the best roster in the division. But let's be real, this infatuation with Detroit is more from the rest of the NFC North sucking than the Lions being great. So I don't get why the level of hype around this team hasn't been seen since The Dream Team Philadelphia Eagles was assembled back in 2011. And they went 8-8.

Point being, there's simply too many people on the Lions for the Lions to actually be good. Under 9.5 wins seems like a no brainer, because Vegas always wins, but here's a little wager on the Barstool Sportsbook that I think is worth the value.

Get it now before Patty Mahomes and the Chiefs hang 40 on them on Opening Night and the knee jerk reaction media decides they're frauds. But either way, even if they do make the playoffs, they are not winning the Super Bowl. Give me the field, and definitely don't give me a tattoo. 

I do have a question though: what's the process on tattoo removal? As someone that only has one tattoo (an Ohio State national championship commemoration on my left ass cheek), I have never had to inquire about the process. But do these people that get these stupid ass prediction tattoos get them fully removed? Or will there always be some sort of reminder that they got a tattoo for Twitter likes and then it was stupid by Week 3?