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Sydnie Wells Pulls Major Upset In Barstool Invitational Bowling Tournament

Sydnie Wells is a sweetheart of a person. A heck of a hunter and fisherman, she is deadly accurate. I learned that he hard way today. I was installed as one of the favorites of the Barstool Bowling Invitational here in Chicago. I was facing Sydnie in the first round and felt pretty confident, mainly in my own abilities, but I thought I'd cruise past her in the first round. Four frames in, it was evident that I took her too lightly as she was leading. It was close, and she stayed close through seven frames as we were tied.

In the ninth frame, I had a couple pin lead and rolled a strike. I felt it was pretty much over at that point. In the 10th frame, I rolled a seven on the first roll with a manageable spare. I stepped up and let it go. It felt great. I put it exactly where I wanted it.

I had a 21 pin lead going into Sydnie's final frame so she'd need two strikes in a row to have a shot to win. Damn it this woman is clutch!

I am devastated. Not because I can't win the tournament. More because I can't bowl anymore. This stinks.

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