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Turns Out You Can Be Fined A Ton Of Money For Drinking Your Own Alcohol On A Plane!

NY Post- A US flight attendant has warned travelers to never bring alcohol on a plane if they plan on consuming it in the air, or risk hefty fines. And can reveal doing so in Australia could cost you more than $10,000. Lisa Kulpa works for US budget airline JetBlue and is co-founder of the Basic Travel Couple blog, and says her love for travel began when studying abroad in Australia during university. Speaking to The Points Guy about her top travel tips, Ms. Kulpa urged passengers not to bring their own alcohol on board.

Ahhhhh fuck! When I saw this article as I was scrolling through the New York Post's website just now I figured what could this be? The obvious answer in 2023 is standing up the second the plane lands. I fly a lot for Sundae Conversation and the internet has NOT exaggerated how many people do it and how frustrating it is. Start slapping $15,000 fines on folks who do that and we will return to a civilized society. Other things that could get you fined are taking your shoes off, playing a video out loud, doing more than 30 seconds of small talk with a stranger who clearly has their headphones in, and of course clapping when you land.

But this begs the question, why can't we have a few termies, stop by the duty-free, and keep the party going in the air? I always assumed had I ever wanted to I could just buy a bottle of liquor there then consume it on the plane. Joke's on me because apparently that's illegal! 

I have a Bachelor Party next month in Vegas and I'm flying an airline I don't typically fly (Delta 4 lyfe). My master plan was to buy a bottle of liquor at the terminal and enjoy it on flight, but now that I think about it though, people get rowdy enough on planes with those tiny little nips, so it's probably a good thing they don't let you rip a handle of Rikaloff, people would be puking all over the place.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know. Thank you. Can't arrive in Vegas sober.