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Dennis Rodman Stories Will Never Get Old… John Salley Tells The Story The The Bulls Equiptment Manager Used To Give Him Replica Jerseys Because He Kept Ripping Them Off And Throwing Them Into The Stands

I’ve talked about it a bunch but there’s certain guys I would listen to stories about all day and all night. Most of them are for being wack jobs like in baseball it’s Rickey Henderson. In hoops it’s Ron Artest. Both just hilariously insane stories. In football it’s a different reason … I love Bo Jackson stories because it felt like he was a larger than life character who has folk lore stories of bench pressing cars and out running deer. Almost like a Greek God. 

(Here’s an Artest blog … can’t get enough of him) 

I would imagine anyone who enjoys entertainment would also put Dennis Rodman on that list of guys who they can’t get enough of. Just a once in a lifetime character. Trips to Vegas, wrestling while he’s supposed to be at The NBA Finals, book signings in a dress, kicking cameramen and changing his hair … the man is truly one of a kind and the stories are one of a kind. 

A new one has emerged about The Worm. The Bulls equiptment team had to start giving him replica jerseys as John Salley claims because he kept ripping them off and throwing them into the stands. “This shit is itchy” was a great line. 

 Now I have yet to see  Rodman in what looks like a replica jersey in terms of photos, and maybe Salley is exaggerating the details and Rodman got replicas every other game etc but the sentiment remains … Rodman was such a lunatic the Bulls had to take it into their own hands and start figuring out a way to either stop losing expensive jerseys or as a form of payback make Rodman wear uncomfortable jerseys while playing his ass off and sweating for 48 minutes. I can just picture the faces and comments of the equiptment managers being like “This Motherfucker again he tossed it into the crowd!.” Being directly involved with The Worm is not for everybody … but the stories sure are.