'It Got Me Right' - Jahmyr Gibbs Credits Playing Madden His Entire Life As A Main Reason He Got To The NFL

Right around the 1:30 mark

Who am I to argue with this? I'm simply a blogger while Jahmyr Gibbs played at Alabama and was a first round pick. He must be onto something with this whole Madden thing. Sure, the fact he's ridiculously talented helps. The fact that he's an elite pass catcher and elite runner with the ability to play in the NFL helps. But if he credits Madden, it's something we must start looking into. As much as we like to make fun of Madden, it's not just throw a button hook or slant every play and you're getting 8 yards each time. 

Listen to the interview again. He was playing defense. That's next level thinking. Learn how cover 2 and cover 3 works. Then you find the open areas and how to attack it from the other side. They have legit plays and schemes in Madden no matter how glitchy the game can be or how much they refuse to update shit. Hell, if they are bringing back training camp it should only make Jahmyr Gibbs better each year. 

What I need to know is when did Gibbs up the skill level to All-Madden. That's the key. Regular ass people like us just want to win while playing Madden. Maybe a little All-Pro level, but we're not going to All-Madden. If you want to make the NFL you clearly need to start playing at All-Madden level as a young'n. I'm going to test this theory out. My 4-year old son loves playing PGA Tour with me on PS4. Dude is addicted to playing with Tony Finau. He's also addicted to golf, not a bad thing to get your son in that sport early on as a suburban dad. Playing more golf than ever since I can take him out. Anyways, if this helps him become a single-digit handicap in his life, it's worth it. 

Love that Gibbs is a wrestling guy too. Need to know what he thought about the Uso turn at the end of Summer Slam. That's the real question here. I know why they did it, but I still hate the storyline so much. For any kid reading this, just show your parents this clip. If they want to bitch about video games, just tell them you're trying to sharpen your mind.