COOL VIDEO: Have You Ever Wondered What Skydiving Through A Cloud Looks Like?

This is just something I always wondered when on an airplane or looking up a the sky. What the hell would it be like to fall through a cloud? Like, is it wet? Warm? Cold? We don't get much answers from the visual on those senses but the small particles seen jumbled in the cloud almost look like hail. 

According to Skydiving Planet

The type of cloud and how long you spend in it will determine just how wet you will get. Passing through a very small white cumulus may only last 1-2 seconds, and you might not feel wet at all. Passing through a larger cloud could make you feel a little damp, and your goggles may get covered in moisture, or you could get totally soaked! You may not feel like you are getting wet in some clouds and feel a slight tickle from the tiny water vapors, but once you exit the cloud, you discover you’re drenching wet.

A unique phenomenon sometimes forms on the top of clouds called a ‘glory.’ This is when the sun casts your shadow over a cloud you are falling towards and creates a rainbow pattern around it. It’s rare but stunning to see when it occurs. Sadly the rainbow disappears before you reach the cloud – so no chance of finding and gold here.

Unfortunately, this video did not show the rainbow phenomenon. Also turns out this is pretty damn illegal. 

USPA and FAA make it clear in their fuels that skydivers should not pass through clouds. The official rule is FAA regulation 105.17, which states: 

No person may conduct a parachute operation, and no pilot in command of an aircraft may allow a parachute operation to be conducted from that aircraft:

(a) into or through a cloud, or

(b) when the flight visibility or the distance from any cloud is less than that prescribed. 

This rule is also covered by Visual Flight Rules (VFR). These rules permit U.S. pilots from flying without clear visibility of the grounds and the skies around them. Skydivers are bound by these same rules. Even if you were able to get to altitude, it would still be illegal because the clouds would be obstructing your vision of the ground and other objects, as you passed through them.

Yeah makes sense you gotta be able to see the ground when skydiving. Still would want to surf one though.