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Johnny Manziel's Dad Was Going To Fake A Heart Attack So Manziel Could Miss His Drug Test At The NFL Combine

Every college football player knows all the tricks of the trade how to get around drug tests. Fake dicks, oil changes, making sure the "Random" tests were only done to the bench players. But I guess when you get to the next level, evasion of drug tests has to also get to the next level. Having your dad fake a heart attack to make sure you don't piss hot is a crazy extreme. 

I just never saw Manziel as a weed guy. Like that's the only substance that would stick around long enough to be a problem on a drug test leading up to the draft. The whole Manziel story is fascinating and this clip will definitely drive me to go watch the whole story behind "Johnny Football" (lowkey namesake). Johnny was the fuckin man though for those years at A&M. He was the American dream for any hot-blooded pigskin lovin American male. Throwing touchdowns and partying with hot college co-eds.

I hope Manziel the best but the dude got put in a Drake song for all his antics. Not many guys can say that.