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Johnny Manziel Was Issued A Team iPad From The Browns And Watched A Grand Total Of 0.0 Minutes Of Film On It

Listen I don't know if this is more sad, more funny, or more impressive, but one thing I do know is that it is not the least bit surprising. One thing Johnny Manziel did not come to Cleveland to do was watch film to become a more prepared quarterback. I mean, buddy threw on a wig and was flying to Vegas under the alias of Billy the day before the Browns season finale in 2015. You think he was locked into the iPad throughout the week? 

Now, it is pretty sad that he had the opportunity that only 32 men on the planet are given at a certain time, and he was making $10 million to do so, and he had the physical tools to be successful, but he simply gave no fucks. That's hard for Browns fans to swallow since we moved up into the 1st round to draft him, but it's got to be even harder for Johnny himself to deal with. However it's fucking hilarious to think that he was handed the keys as the face and leader of the organization and he literally watched ZERO film. ZERO! I wonder how many hours of film each week the elite QBs watch? Like, Brady and Manning had to have been at 20+, right? I'm assuming Mahomes and Burrow are logging double digits as well. But then again, the Cardinals made sure to put it in Kyler's contract that he had to at least watch 4....

But at the end of the day, it's downright impressive that someone was able to have the college career that Johnny did and win the Heisman by just completely fucking winging it. It just really sucks that of any of the 32 teams that would've wound up taking Johnny at some point, it had to be the God damn Browns that moved up to take him first. 

I remember going to Johnny's first start in Cleveland, and my teenage dumb ass brought a stack of fifty $1 bills to throw in the air when the Money Man scored his first touchdown. Only problem was we literally got blanked for the entire game.

Johnny threw for 80 yards and 2 interceptions, and the Browns gained a grand total of 5 first downs the entire game. At least Johnny didn't have to rewatch any of it…