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Dave And The Mad Dawg Would Do Better Than Any Show On Barstool

Maybe because I am a glutton for reality TV but I love this sort of content. Not to mention, it's long been discussed the best part of Barstool is being a voyeur into the Barstool world. Sure, PMT is the best sports podcast and ZBT is the best military podcast out there but nothing gets the juices flowing quite like drama in the office. 

Honestly, it doesn't even matter what the subject of the drama is; there was an entire storyline of Real Housewives of NJ about sprinkle cookies! It is human nature that people want to watch humans arguing/fighting with one another. I once read a study that said if you pulled up to an intersection and on one corner is a basketball game, one corner is a touch football game, one corner is a baseball game, and the final corner has a fist fight, people are going to watch the fist fight. Humans love fighting and drama. 

The above clip boils down to seating arrangements and electrical outlets and I promise people would tune in to that show. What about this:

Dave vs Pete is always Katy Perry - Fireworks. 

Now, by no means am I ever going to tell Dave what to do. If the 100 Million Dollar Man wants to split time at one of his many beach houses, relax, and not do a show with the Nate Dawg, that's his prerogative. He's more than earned it.  All I'm saying is the people would watch. 

There is currently a laundry list of topics going on in different corners of Barstool that would put asses in the seats. Not to mention, I do think the fear of ending up as a subject on the DATMD would drive content as well. 

Heck, just repurpose this theme song and let's get it cooking in time for football season!

Some of you will say, "Oh but Cons the DPS existed and it ended because it didn't work." That is true. However, I think part of it is because Eddie is an exceptionally nice guy and doesn't want to be mean to anyone. Something tells me the same show with Nate Dawg will more closely resemble this:

Giphy Images.

Nate has a gift and it shouldn't go unused. 

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