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Jon Rahm Doesn't Care About Making More Money Or Anything Like That - He Simply Wants The PGA To Put More Porta-Potties On The Course

Look at Jon Rahm standing up for the everyman here. He's been outspoken about the Saudi investment and merger and everything along those lines. He's done with it. He's onto more pressing issues. If the PGA wants to take care of the best in the world, they don't need to add more money to purses. They don't need to adjust cut lines and Tournaments like that. Oh no, you just need a place for Rahm to shit and/or piss. 

Here's what I'll say though. Peeing in the bushes before you tee off is a top tier piss. Nothing better than relieving yourself then hitting a perfect baby fade into the fairway. You feel invincible before you inevitably put your 8-iron into the sand on the approach and take a double bogey. 

But then I remembered a video. I remembered a moment and this all makes sense for Rahm: 

The man is arguably the face of the tour. Can't have him looking like a 22 handicap and declaring a bush his: 

So let everyone else fight about money. Rahm is here to worry about the important stuff - like where is the bathroom. It's a moment we've all felt. You get that feeling that you can't hold it and you start looking for an exit. You have to have an escape plan. That's all Rahm wants.