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Little League Coach Absolutely Bodies An Umpire After He Disagrees With A Call

Little league coaches, also known as a player's dad, are the absolute worst. Not all of them are the worst, but most of them just play their kid at short stop and take the job way too serious like they're Will Ferrell in Kicking and Screaming. Some people think they are the coach of the New York Yankees meanwhile half the kids are only playing because their parents wanted them to go outside. 

Let's break down the play because this is looks pretty clear to me. 

The tag was completely late by the catcher and the runner was clearly in their before the tag. These umpires do not get paid enough to be getting into it like this. If you hit an umpire in any game you are the absolute worst human, especially if you are doing it for 12 year old kids. It's kind of funny to think back to the games you played in when you were that young and how we all thought they were so important. In reality they were the most pointless games in the world. At that age it's more for just the parents to hang out and brag about their kid's performance more than the results.  

This whole thing isn't funny, but I did laugh when I noticed how long it took this big bastard to stroll over to the plate. That umpire does not deserve that at all.