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Jose Ramirez Keeps Trying To Apologize To Tim Anderson For Knocking Him Out, But He Won't Answer The Phone

"In the light of the recent events, I want to say to the public that I deeply regret what happened between me and Tim Anderson, whom I consider a very good baseball player. I’ve been trying to reach out to him directly and apologize but haven’t recieved an answer. Everyone who knows me, knows well I’m not somebody who’s out there looking for trouble. It’s been part of my personality and behavior to give 100% everyday at the field to help my team and trying to be an example for the younger players on my team. I want to reiterate apologies for my behavior and as always my goal is to help my team to win and reach the postseason. I want to thank everybody in my organization, my teammates and all my fans for their support during this process". - Jose Ramirez

So Jose went on a TV show in the Dominican Republic and issued this apology, and now the whole internet is sucking him off for taking the high road and having class and being a good guy. This is hilarious to me because as much as I love Jose Ramirez, are we all on the same page that this is the easiest thing to apologize for of all time? He didn't start the fight, knocked the guy who did out cold in front of the entire world, proceeded to see the internet make no less than one million memes and video mashups of the knockout, got suspended less games than Tim Anderson, and now is apologizing for his behavior. 

Folks, Jose Ramirez stock has never been higher. I mean, the crowd literally gave him a standing ovation in his very first at-bat the next day.

All I'm saying is that it's much easier to apologize if you're Jose Ramirez than if you're Tim Anderson here. And the idea of Jose trying to reach out to Tim has me laughing. What's he going to say? Hey man, sorry for overreacting at 2nd base which caused you to square up, and then I had to knock your ass out and essentially end your career. I'm sorry about that. 

But as for Tim Anderson not answering the phone, are we sure buddy has woken up yet? Jose hit that factory reset button on him and he went to sleep.

Tim Anderson Bobble Head Night coming soon?