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Taylor Swift's Entire Crowd Singing Her Own Duet Back To Her During The LA (NIGHT FOUR!) Show Will Give You Goosebumps

Ya'll, I know. My entire beat at this point is "Taylor Swift." I'll say this - when things stop happening that literally take my breath away, where she is concerned, I will stop. Today is not that day. 

Taylor performed her FOURTH show (out of SIX) in Los Angeles last night. As I've documented extensively over this tour, during each concert, she has an acoustic set with two "surprise songs" that aren't on the usual setlist. Last night, she played MAJOR fan favorite from the Reputation album, "Dress." She also played "exile," a song full of broken hearted lyrics and anguish that features Bon Iver. It's amazing, beloved by all. 

In the song, there's an ethereal duet where of course, Bon Iver sings very low. Taylor performed 'exile' tonight alone, and stylized a bit while singing both sides of the duet. During the first go around, she sang Bon Iver's part. During this, the ENTIRE CROWD starts singing her OWN side of the duet, back to her. And then she sang her own parts, and they sang his! This is insane, right? I know people have fans, people love music. But we're harmonizing with Taylor now?? We're so far up in her kitchen that we're now basically song contributors?? It's truly, truly unbelievable to me. 

As far as special surprises, nothing has happened yet. Everyone has been predicting a big 1989 (Taylor's Version) announcement while she's in LA, but so far, no dice. Two more days to go!