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Breaking News: I Am Now A Morning Person

TOO LONG have I spent mornings waking up, feeling groggy, unable to start the day. Looking far and wide for something to make me feel good enough to get on with the grind of life, and failing. It became hard to wake up. Hard to get out of the house, hard to do was just, hard. 

One faithful day, I walked into a courtroom to fulfill my civic duties for the State of New York. Little did I know, I'd not only be helping to serve justice, I'd be helping...myself. 

Before Dan "Big Cat" Katz Esq. told me about how far down in the depths of depression Big Coffee was keeping me, I lived in the dark. Totally blind to the fact I was acting as a puppet, a cog in the perpetually turning wheel of despair that feeds the core strength of Big Coffee. After this presentation, and hearing about their hate for dogs in general, I've decided...NO MORE. 

NO MORE will I ingest this sludge. NO MORE will I let corporate greed treat me like a marionette. Today, I take back my life. 

And it's all thanks to Stella Blue. 

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