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A Bear (Yes A Live Bear) Escaped Its Crate In The Cargo Hold Just Before An Iraqi Airways Flight Was Was Set To Takeoff - Airline Denies Any Responsibility

When preparing to fly on a plane the human mind tends to wander with what could go wrong. You're about to be trapped on an aluminum death trap as it soars through the skies for hours and hours. In a way it's freeing because there's realistically nothing you can do. On the flip side it's terrifying because your life is now in the hands of someone else. 

Some worst case scenarios that float through the brain regarding what could go wrong: terrorism, engine failure, a flock of birds flying into the plane, lightning, and invisible/not-real people. 

Well I got a new one for ya, how about a bear breaking out of its crate on the plane? 

Here's what I'm wondering, when people check in for this flight are they alerted that a fully-grown bear is riding in the cargo area? Is that just status quo for a Middle East flight? I feel like flying with an animal down below that has to potential to bring down the whole bird should warrant some kind of discount. If you're in the air and the bear breaks out, everyone dies. It's the scene in Semi Pro with Dewey except you're 30,000 feet in the sky. 

That's a game over situation. 

Real quick, why are we putting bears on public flights? I'm an animal lover and hate to see that poor fella trapped like that. Is that someone's pet? There's some crazy rich people over there that I wouldn't be stunned if they decided to domesticate a fucking bear. I hate everything about that. Let them live in the wild and leave them alone. I'm fully in support of the bear trying to free itself before the flight takes off. That way it escapes from its captors and the plane doesn't go down killing everyone on board. I see that as a win-win. 

Also gotta love how the airline took accountability here, and by that I mean they said they weren't to blame for anything that happened. 

(The Guardian) Iraq’s prime minister has ordered an investigation into how a bear escaped from its crate in the cargo hold of an Iraqi aircraft as it was due to depart from Dubai airport, leaving passengers disgruntled over the delay and causing a stir on social media.

Iraqi Airways said it wasn’t to blame for the bear’s escape and that the aircraft’s crew had worked with authorities in the United Arab Emirates, which dispatched specialists to sedate the animal and remove it from the plane.

Basically we don't know whose fault it was, but don't your dare point the finger at us. Incredible. 

I look forward to Gerard Butler starring in Bear On A Plane in two years.