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Nate Diaz Is The King Of Losing

Sam Hodde. Getty Images.

As I'm sure you all know by now, Jake Paul defeated Nate Diaz in their highly mildly anticipated boxing match this past weekend.

I didn't watch the fight live (because I was at SummerSlam in Detroit), but I tried my best to keep up with it via social media as it was happening, and by the sound of EVERYONE'S tweets X's, this was an all out Nate Diaz masterclass….

The fact that Jake Paul actually won the fight via unanimous decision was a complete footnote, and NOBODY was even commenting on Jake; everyone was just focused on Nate Diaz being the tough motherfucker that he is, walking through shots, talking shit, and of course - grabbing a guillotine with 10 seconds left in the final round….


Many even pointed out how Nate Diaz has become the king of losing, and it's hard to disagree!

I think most people would say Nate Diaz became a next-level superstar in 2016, when he defeated Conor McGregor at UFC 196 (in a fight he accepted on short notice) and then dropped the iconic line, "I'm not surprised, motherfuckers"….

Since then, he's 2-3 in MMA and now 0-1 in boxing - and yet, with every loss, he kinda walks out the winner!

-Against Conor McGregor at UFC 202: All bias aside, I truly think Nate lost this fight. At worst, you could say it's a draw, but I think McGregor pretty clearly should've won the decision. That being said - Nate just claimed it was bullshit immediately, and everyone that loves him took that as gospel and stands by it to this day. Plus, Diaz says that he finished Conor, but Conor couldn't finish him. 

-Against Jorge Masvidal at UFC 244: Jorge Masvidal was beating the absolute shit outta Diaz in this fight, but Nate had a few moments of success RIGHT before the doctor stoppage, so the narrative sorta became that the medics stopped Diaz right as he was getting hot. I'm not sure the momentum was actually swinging that drastically, but again - Diaz fans had the perfect "out" on that one. This was also a Madison Square Garden main event for a title (The BMF Championship) that Nate Diaz just decided to create out of thin air, with President Trump and The Rock among the celebrities in attendance, so how is that not a win?

-Against Leon Edwards at UFC 263: I don't even think I need to remind anybody of what went down in this fight, right? 

Diaz losing 95% of this co-main to Edwards and then rocking him in the final minute of the final round and pointing and laughing at him instead of pouncing is one of Nate Diaz's most iconic moments….

….and now with the Paul fight in the rear view, it's clear; every time he loses, he walks away with no stock lost! 

It's honestly as if he's 6-0 since the first McGregor fight! I've never seen anything like it! 

Even some of his post-fight comments/moments were hilarious and went viral right away….

Jake challenged Nate to a $10 million dollar rematch in MMA afterwards, to happen in the PFL, and for me - that's one I'll have to see to believe. I'd respect the hell outta Jake if he actually went through with it and booked that fight, but it'd be like sending someone out to be slaughtered by a lion. Diaz would choke him out inside two minutes. Paul stands NO chance.

It will be very interesting to keep an eye on Nate Diaz's next move from here, though. Pre-fight, it sounded like he just wanted to make a quick bag and get right back into the UFC. If he does that, who could be next for him? Dustin Poirier? Conor McGregor? Michael Chandler? Whoever it is better put him out cold if they want to be seen as the winner afterwards.

P.S. Conor McGregor wasn't so impressed with Nate OR Jake's performances….

He coulda picked some better words to use there for sure, but "#piss" made me laugh.