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This British Lass Wanted Everyone Watching Sky Sports To Know That She Was 'So Wet'

That's just classic female tomfoolery right there. Nothing like seizing the opportunity of a rolling camera and hot mic to lift your skirt and proclaim your level of female moisture for all of the Sky Sports viewing audience — and subsequently everyone on the internet — to see.

Most people have passed a reporter doing a live spot and thought about doing something crazy, but it takes an individual that's truly built different to make headlines with that opportunity. Everybody wants to be famous but nobody wants to put the work in.

"I'm sure her mom will be proud when she sees that, " is an outstanding response from our pal Mick Fitzgerald, though. That's how you keep it together like a professional in the face of such a randy gal. Respect the biz.

Just some good, lighthearted fun had by all.