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Paul Pierce Continues To Show His Willingness To Keep Talking His Shit On Twitter

Jesse D. Garrabrant. Getty Images.

There are many reasons why I love Paul Pierce. Mainly because for my generation, he was basically our Larry Bird. If you're around my age and came up watching this team starting in the early to mid 90s, we were basically robbed of the true Larry Bird Experience. Shit just wasn't the same after he built his mom that driveway.

After experiencing the darkest era of Celtics basketball in the history of their franchise during the Rick Pitino Era, the only real bright side to that whole ordeal was that it helped bring us Pierce. Without a doubt one of the greatest Celtics to ever do it. Not debatable. A first ballot HOFer, a Top 75 team member, Pierce's resume certainly speaks for itself.

In retirement, Pierce certainly has had his fair share of controversial takes, and as a result, he might actually be underrated as a player at this point. Younger generations see his crazy takes go viral and don't really remember him as a player. The one thing I've always respected about Pierce is that he speaks his mind at all times, not having a single care in the world about what people will say or the trolling that's going to come with it on Twitter. When he talks his shit, he says it with his chest out.

A perfect example of this is what took place last night

Extremely random? Absolutely. Is Pierce wrong? Nope. 

When I saw that tweet come across my timeline, it was so out of left field that it's pretty obvious what Pierce was up to. Here's how I imagine the scene looked when he hit send on those tweets

God that video is still so goddamn funny. What a legend. 

In terms of what he actually said, it doesn't matter how old or how out of shape Pierce may be in 2023, everything he said in those tweets are true. It's like Scal always says. He's closer to LeBron James than any of us are to him. It's why when he did that 1 on 1 challenge against random fans in Boston it was a bloodbath

So I don't care if Pierce is high out of his goddamn mind, the second you get on the floor with that dude he's giving you that lethal elbow jumper until you can't take it anymore. You don't get to 26,397 points and 20th all time by accident. So while he may not be able to go full court anymore, I firmly believe that Pierce can still get buckets. That stuff is in his THC-infused blood. 

The best part is you know there's some hardo on Twitter who saw those tweets and thinks he's better than 2023 Paul Pierce. Sadly, they are mistaken. I almost want him to do his own version of the Scal challenge just so he can remind this generation who can't stop clowning him on the internet just how dominant he truly is. 

If you yourself don't really remember, well go ahead and hit play and enjoy