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The Eagles Had More Fans Show Up To An Open Practice This Weekend Than Some Teams Will Get All Season

We in here talking about practice. Not a game. Not a game. We talkin' about practice. Not a game. Not the game that the Birds go out there and die for, and play every game like it's their last. Not the game. We talkin' about practice, man. I mean how silly is that. What are we talking about? Practice? We talking about practice, man. We talking about practice. We talking about practice. We ain't talking about the game. We're talking about practice, man. We not even talking about the game--the actual game, when it matters. We talkin' about practice. 

And even though it's just practice, the Eagles still had to open up every section of Lincoln Financial Field for the fans. It's preseason for the Eagles, but people forget it's also preseason for everybody who works at the Linc. Security, concession workers, the folks working at the ticket gate. They all need to get the reps in, too, and Eagles fans gave them everything they could handle yesterday. 

Absolute chaos with thousands of fans all sprinting to get the best seats in the house for an open practice. Unless you have Olympic speed, your ass was getting stuck having to watch practice in the 300 level. 

50,000 for a practice in the first week of August. I don't know whether to be impressed or worried. I mean how sick in the head do 50,000 people all need to be to show up to a practice? Passionate and loyal fans, for sure. But also sick and twisted. 

By the way, when you have a group of people that large then obviously there's going to be a jackass or two somewhere in the mix. But I just can't imagine how little you must have going on in your life to spend your Sunday afternoon by showing up to an opposing team's practice just to attempt to troll(?) some rival fans. 

Cowboys fans truly are one of a kind. 

Sidenote #2: What a demon. 

Go Birds.