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Imagine Playing In A 6th Grade Basketball Game And Getting Yammed On By Another 6th Grader

For everyone who is claiming doubt that this kid isn’t in 6th grade or “how can this be possible?”, I urge you to 

A- stop being such a pessimistic mope 

2- respect that organizations and leagues do thorough age checks with birth certificates etc . For 50 years people have been claiming “no way he’s only ___” when a kid is either too talented or too big and for 50 years more often than not (aside from Danny Almonte) everyone checks out age wise. So I have no doubt things check out again .

yet here are the dummies doubting again 

 And lastly … 

D- lighten up. A 6th grader dunked. Enjoy it, instead of finding a loop hole or trying to complain about it. 

Additionally, the first time I ever saw a kid dunk he was in 6th grade as well on my AAU team, so it happens if you watch enough ball especially in areas loaded with talent. 

Now … this kid is far from a lock to be an NBA lottery pick there’s too many games to be played and too many X factors like the kid not growing with the rest of his age, etc and all that will play out how it plays out but let me tell you something about his current situation. He’s the king. King of his team, king of the league … king of the school. You think he’s worried about being late on a math assignment come September? No chance. His highlight reel just got picked up. “Hey son take out the trash” … “yeah ok dad shut up before I dunk on you too.” 

Right now this kid has something called potential and people love potential because the possibilities are endless. He’s gonna ride it out for long as possible then he may have to yam on someone again to remind them he’s still got it.