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FC Dallas Fans Reacting To Messi's Ridiculous Goal Is All The Proof You Need That Messi Is Easily The Best Thing To Ever Happen To The MLS

We've reached the point where you can only laugh watching Messi play in the MLS. I know it's the Leagues Cup, but you get my point. Dude just scores in the first 10 minutes of every match and then does something so ridiculous you forget who you're cheering for: 

Hilarious to see FC Dallas fans just get lost in the moment. That's what Messi does though. He's got soccer legends (and his owner) going crazy over plays like this

He's got people accusing the MLS of rigging everything for Inter Miami. He's got people looking like this scoring own goals

What else can you say? Dude is the greatest player of this era. He's found some new happiness in Miami instead of Paris, tough to argue there. But he's making MLS players look like some JV shit.