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5-10 215 Pound 12 Year Old Leyland Henry Jr. Could Bat In The Heart Of A Big League Team's Lineup With His Insane Power

Let's talk about a Team USA that actually got the job done today. That'd be the u12 baseball squad obviously, who were busy battling down in Taiwan for the world championships. The boys brought home the trophy with a decisive 10-4 W over the hosting country. 

This is the same squad that obliterated New Zealand 43-1 just a little bit ago. Wagon. 

Good to see they didn't crack under the pressure and showed no mercy to their opponents. That's how it's done. 

Let's cut the crap though, we're here to talk about Leyland Henry Jr. 

I mean what the hell was that? There are Major Leaguers today who would love to hit a ball that far. 5-10, 215 pounds and only 12 years old. What on Earth are they feeding this kid? Honestly calling him a kid is just silly, that's a man. I feel like the team needed 400 documents to prove this guy's age, or….

You know who looks 12? This little fella in awe of Henry's light tower power. 

During the tournament Leyland Jr. hit a cool .519 with a 1.563 OPS. Kinda funny they keep stats like OPS for 12 year olds these days, but when it's Team USA you take it serious. Hitting .519 with that kind of power sounds so much fucking fun.  

Just look at this behemoth swing the lumber. 


I need Cashman on the phone with this man's parents PRONTO. Get him to the Bronx for September call-ups.