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In The Spirit Of Things That Are Only Fun Once, I 100% Think I Would Attend A Chris “Mad Dog” Russo Musical Concert

On the most recent Mount Rushmore, The PMT guys ranked Things That Are Fun Once 

A lot of great answers, tons of valid points by all. Go check out the full episode. 

Got me to thinking about things that are only fun once and just as I had that in the back of my head, I scrolled past everyone’s (see only NYC mongos aged 30-65) favorite radio lunatic … Chris Russo at a live show at Bar A playing guitar are singing. It immediately made me think would I attend a Chris Russo musical concert. 

Before I answer that, let me at least give you some of his resume/work. 

We’re taking about a living legend in the radio world. 

This is a guy who opened his show everyday by hitting decibels that aren’t the human norm. 

Look at the passion from this guy … 


He’s also an all time wild card. Especially when it comes to child care. 

You also never know what you are going to get with a guy like this especially when it comes to picking up the bill at big affairs like his wedding . 

But even with all the negatives factored in. I am certain that given the opportunity, just once I would make my way to an all musical concert by Chris Russo. Do I even know what he would sing ? Hell no. Is there anything I think he would be absolutely terrific at ? Hell no again. But having grown up on this guy in the back of cars my whole life on AM radio and then living in social media where he is an absolute hotbed of comedy (mostly unitentional), I am sure that just once in my life I could have enough laughs while he sings Bruce Springsteen or The Rolling Stones to justify the experience. Again .., never twice , but once would be very funny. 

Look at this guy own the crowd .., legend