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Revenge, History And Buckets - Helen Housby Is Simply Dominating The 2023 Netball (Real Sport) World Cup

I have no idea if Helen Housby is actually getting buckets, I just assume so because England is in the 2023 Netball World Cup Final today. What I do know is there's history - see the Instagram above. I do know there's revenge because of another Instagram post: 

You see England has Australia in the 2023 Netball World Cup gold medal game today. Incredibly important (I assume) and heated rivalry. One of the biggest in the sport. Remember, Helen Housby is the star of this clip: 

Ever since that moment I was hooked on netball and by that I mean, I remember the name and read the rules on Wikipedia. So, yeah, big time fan here. It's basically basketball if people fucked up all the rules. Wikipedia tells me it's 7 people on each team. Each player has a position and they can only cover a certain area of the floor. Then you have to make a basket. Yeah, it sounds madeup, but it sounds awesome. This feels like an intramural game that's played across the world. Sign me up for that. 

Not exactly sure the whole defense thing but, hey, weird sports are just that for a reason. Imagine if we started playing that here in America? We'd beat the shit out of everyone, just like basketball. We'd be the best netball country in the world by a mile. 

Anyways, from one Helen Housby fan to another, go England. It's coming home!