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Jake Paul Showed Up To His Fight Tonight Riding A Real Life Tank

This is so insane I love it. You can hate the man and think he sucks at boxing, but the guy is entertaining. Jake Paul had 850,000 people buy his last fight and I think he used some of that money to buy a tank for this one tonight. There aren't many things that can make you look this cool. There's nothing cheesy about being on a tank, it's just awesome. 

I want to know what the conversations were like to have this done. Where does one purchase a tank? Is that even allowed by our government? How did they get this into the building? It's like when you raffle on the car in the mall, how the fuck did they get the car through those doors? I am sure there are bigger doors somewhere, but who has room for a fucking tank? Where does the tank go after the fight?  

This fight starts in like an hour or two and Jake is going to shit on Nate Diaz. You seriously cannot come in on a Tank and lose your fight. Jake showed up on this and also has a robot follow him around all of his fights. You can't say the guy doesn't put on a show but he really needs to win this fight to keep the gauging interest of the fans. I think everyone is curious to see how Nate does in the ring but if Jake loses he should have to ride out of the stadium on this tank for everyone to see.