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A Life Fully Lived: Grandpa's 1665 Golf Course Collection Is Going Viral After He Passed

What a collection here. There's that old adage about not being able to take money with you when you die and by the looks of it, gramps lived that to its fullest extent. I don't even want to do accurate math on 1665 golf courses but assuming he lived until 100, that was 16-17 golf courses on average per year for the entirety of his life (and clearly subtract some of the early infant years). Bananas. He was truly ahead of his time. He would have crushed the YouTube golf career. The true Golffather.

Love seeing the home state Deacon's Lodge in Minnesota on the top 20 too. One of the more underrated courses in the country I'd say and is nested in Brainerd where there's not much else to do besides golf. I've spent the better part of thirty minutes now just zooming in and carefully examining some of the balls he has ( ... ) and they're peak. That creamsicle Bucs one could fetch some good money. 

This is the ultimate dudes rock and I hope that man gets to play 1665 more in the sky.