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Mental Warfare At Its Finest: Tigres Goalie Pretends To Be A Magician And Pulls A Damn Streamer Out Of His Mouth Before Saving A PK

I wanted to call this guy an asshole so bad, but you know what? It worked. Who am I to judge someone when it works? It's great mental warfare because clowns fucking stink. That may be due to me being terrified of clowns as a kid and then just never understanding them as an adult. But pulling a streamer out of your mouth before a PK is incredible mental warfare. Imagine lining up, ready to take your PK in the prestigious Leagues Cup and see this guy in net pulling an entire goddamn streamer out of his mouth? No chance you make that penalty. No chance in hell.

And to also be a mime? Dude is hitting all the weird things. It's incredible and the one and only reason Tigres is advancing after beating Vancouver in PKs. It's clearly not illegal. Pretty sure there's nothing in the rulebook that says you can't pretend to be a clown. Great loophole find by Guzman. As a goalie, you gotta find any advantage you can in a penalty kick. You're already at a massive disadvantage by standing there, having to guess which way the shooter is going and make the save. The least you can do is get in their heads. 

I need Matt Turner to be taking notes here. The US has been in plenty of penalty situations and while Turner is great, gotta kick it up a level. Come out with clown face paint on. Find out the fears of the kickers, not which way they go. That's how you win.